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Interesting Facts about Platinum

  • Many of the worlds most precious gemstones, including the Hope Diamond, have Platinum settings.
  • During World War II, non-military use of Platinum was banned in the United States, as it was deemed a strategic metal.
  • Platinum is hypo-allergenic. This is the reason why Platinum has so many medical and dental applications and a large factor in it’s popularity as jewellery.
  • While Platinum was known to the pre-Columbian people and discovered by modern man in the 1700’s, it was not possible to produce the metal in quantity or work with it until the advancement of technology in the nineteenth century.
  • When Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was coronated as consort to King George VI, the frame of her crown was constructed of Platinum.
  • The annual production of Platinum is about 130 tonnes. While this seems like a substantial number, it pales in comparison when you realize that nearly 260 tonnes of steel are used in U.S. manufacturing operations daily.
  • All of the Platinum ever mined would barely fill a 25 cubic foot (7.6 cubic meter) box. The block would weigh over 16 tons.
  • 90% of the worlds annual supply of Platinum is extracted from four mines. Three of these mines are located on the continent of Africa.
  • 50% percent of the Platinum produced annually in all mines is used for industrial applications.
  • The melting point of Platinum is 1,769°C and its boiling point is 3,827°C.
  • The density of Platinum is 21.45 g/cm, that’s 11% more than gold and about twice the density of silver.